Finest Ingredients & Health Benefits

One can’t happen without the other, so we value transparency with you just as much as we value pure, whole-sourced ingredients and quality, well-formulated products.


We prioritize excellent ingredients and only use Omega-3 compounds made with Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP). This means that our raw ingredients are created in a nitrogen-rich environment designed to process and remove any harmful heavy metals or toxins. Our team uses advanced technological practices to purify the raw materials and avoid compromising quality via chemical solvents, oxygen, or high heat. 

Before they reach the shelves, all HAIM® supplements are tested and certificated by Nutrasource (IFOS). Companies must exceed Nutrasource potency, ingredient purity, and claim accuracy standards for this seal of approval.


To create the highest quality Ultra-Pure Omega-3 fish oil supplements on the market today, we only extract oil from small fish obtained from the clean and cold waters off the coasts of Peru and Chile. 

The purity of ingredients is crucial for the potency of our supplements and, just as importantly, your safety. That’s why we ensure that all of our Omega-3 supplements exceed the expectations of IFOS 5-star standards, the US and EU Pharmacopeia, and the GOED Monograph. 


As the world of supplements continues to expand, HAIM® remains at the industry’s forefront. HAIM® is dedicated to development and offering the best of best Omega-3 EPA/DHA products to our customers. Our Research & Development team is dedicated to creating exciting new products to support your health and wellness. The endless pursuit of innovation remains the cornerstone of our company identity.